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Hledáte inspiraci pro své ubytování? Ke skvěle hodnoceným levným hotelům ve městě Paducah patří na základě hodnocení uživatelů Econo Lodge, Econo Lodge a Comfort Suites Paducah. Skyscanner Hotely je rychlý, bezplatný a snadný způsob, jak zorganizovat váš pobyt. Stačí pár kliknutí a můžete snadno hledat, porovnávat a rezervovat ubytování ve městě Paducah přechodem přímo na webové stránky hotelu nebo cestovní kanceláře. Za váš pobyt rezervovaný u nás nejsou přičítány žádné poplatky. Pro začátek zkuste přidat váš vybraný termín do pole hledání výše a dovolte nám vyhledat pro vás levné nabídky hotelů. Případně si můžete vybrat z možností hotelů výše.

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Jessicat p
Jessicat pPaducah

Beautiful river city with charming downtown meant for walking in the spring or fall, Paducah, Kentucky is a perfect place to visit. It boasts a quilting museum and for those who don't quilt so much (like me) can't help but be amazed by the displays which are, indeed, Art! The river front is spectacular. Trimmed by a lined panel of handpainted pictures of the town's history and a small amphitheater on the side of the river which is used during events The town itself is clean, well maintained, and has several decent motels. One mall and shopping center are located close to the interstate. Coffee shops seem to be harder to locate although there was a Panera Bread. People were friendly and helpful. Drivers were overall well behaved. The land was lovely. Trees and flowers- amazing. It had many little shops where one could get lost for hours, a huge bookstore, a new movie theater. Negative: When it is hot, it is amazingly hot. Like blazing fires of hell hot thanks to the humidity of the Ohio Valley. Know that the best time to visit would be spring or fall. If in the summer, plan to be inside during the height of the heat. Sunblock is your friend. There are lots of river/water locations near Paducah such as LBL / Kentucky River Dam which are free to the public-- GO! Enjoy! Know that in and around this area there are TICKS-- if you hike or camp, please check yourself, your children, and your pets for these pests as they are NO good and can be exceptionally bad if the winter had not been a hard one. Bring the mosquito spray too!

Melodie Brindley
Melodie BrindleyPaducah

My hometown. I love it there. If you dig deep you can find a lot of different little jewels of the city. Also, that Superman picture is from accross the river in Metropolis, IL. :/

Nerds on the Road
Nerds on the RoadAlamogordo

My friend's family is from this area and since I've heard them talking about it off and on for the last 12 years, I decided to include in our cross country travels. We're on our second week here and have been to both the new commercial part of town and the cute little downtown area and of course prefer downtown. It's always sad to see a place turned into a freeway stop-off for commuters rather than the historic little artsy town it is. The downtown is a good walking size with a few shops, but mostly closed ones. There is however a couple great coffee shops and a health food store with everything you need whether looking to eat better, vegetarian or gluten free. If you're into taking photos of buildings and alleys it's an awesome time, and sad to say, one positive thing about dead downtowns is that you don't have a bunch of tourists and cars in your photos. There is a bustling little art scene here and the Etcetera Coffee House seems to be the hangout of artists, nerds (like us) youth and free thinkers alike. You can't beat the natural things around the town, access to Land Between the Lakes where you can see a herd of bison and Shawnee National Forest with some of the cutest little towns and natural wonders you could never inagine in the midwest (Shawnee is in Illinois). I would definately stay here again, hopefully next time my friend and her family can come show me around some more!

Ann Daley
Ann DaleyWest Bend

I have stayed in Paducah several times on the way to and from Alabama

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Ve městě Paducah je očekávaná průměrná teplota pro měsíc září 21,1 °C/69,9 °F. Nejteplejší měsíc je obvykle červenec s průměrnou teplotou 31,7C/89,1F. Nejchladnější měsíc je leden s průměrnou teplotou -3,3 °C/26,1 °F.
Nejbližší letiště u města Paducah je Paducah (PAH) (15,50 km).

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